Who Are We?

With an experience of more than 50 years in business including greeting & wedding invitation, publishing and paper trade, KlickInvite is a web-based technology "startup". Amidst the busy modern lifestyle nowadays, creating and sending a invitation is a task in itself and thus, we are bringing to you, a brand-new and first-of-its-kind portal where invitations are absolutely easy and simple.It is a revolutionary platform where you can create bespoke online invites by adding plentiful interactive features to it.

What We Do?

We allow you to create your personalized and customized invites on our advanced and user-friendly interface. You can go creative and select your likable color scheme, logo, design, text, and features from our sumptuous array of attractive templates and hi-tech interactive elements.

Whenever you are organizing a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other type of event, KlickInvite is here to help. Your guest list for your event is organised in a user-friendly way with novel methods. The list of guests created by you remains forever, and you can use it in any event; small or large in the future.

We understand the pleasure of curating an invite with apt design & great content and sending it to all your guests with utmost love and warmth, and thus, we help you do it all in a simpler way under a single digital umbrella.

Our Vision

We envision to make sending of invitations the easiest and completely hassle-free task on your to-do list. Also, when we switch to digital cards, we are being socially, environmentally and religiously responsible, and are also giving back to the society by -

  • Saving Paper – Saving Trees – Saving the Planet
  • Avoiding fuel consumption, pollution and traffic – Saving Health and Energy
  • Reducing national, corporate and individual waste
  • Supporting Government of India's Digital India Programme (Delivering services digitally)
  • Supporting Swacch Bharat
  • Avoiding unintentional disrespect to religious faith when printed cards with images of God and Godess' and sacred symbols are thrown after use.