Benefits of Digital Invitation Cards

‘Change is the only constant’ is a popular saying which is unquestionably true. There was a time when traditional wedding cards were a must to invite guests to a wedding. These cards were handwritten and depicted the importance of the event. Later, printed cards came into being and replaced hand-written cards that took a lot of wedding preparation time. And now, we have digital cards that can be mailed easily to the invitees and can save a lot of time and money.

There are a huge number of benefits that digital cards offer to the host of the event as well as to the invitees, including –

  • They are Eco-friendly – Going digital with wedding invitations is a very kind thing we can do for the environment. A lot of paper is used in the traditional wedding invitations. Going paperless saves trees and inturn, the planet. To give away the printed cards, people travel. This consumes a lot of fuel and contribute to pollution. Sending digital cards through email saves a lot of fuel and energy. No waste is generated due to wedding stationary’s throwing away when we go digital with the cards. Digital Invitations are surely an environment saving bonanza.
  • Money Saving – Digital cards are comparatively more economical than printed cards. There is a considerable cost difference in the two that can help save a small fortune of the event organisers.
  • Not only is the cost saved directly, but even indirectly a lot of money is saved. Digital cards mean no postal charges and no fuel consumption and thus, quite a lot of saving is done, that can be utilized in many important wedding preparations.
  • Quicker and Easier – Digital cards get prepared in just a few days and can be sent away with just one click. This saves a lot of time and therefore, is a great option for those who do not have much time for the wedding preparations. The left over time can be utilized for other important work. One click and all the guests you selected will receive the invitation in no time.
  • It is in Trend – And why wouldn’t it be? In the time when the greatest weddings set an example for the society to do better by feeding the left-overs from the feast to the poor, going eco-friendly sets a great example too. Kindness is always appreciated and thus, kindness to the environment during your wedding as well as going slightly away from the usual, can get your wedding in trend.
  • Easy Management of Food and Space – Digital invitation cards offer many interesting features. For the host of the event, it gets very peaceful if they know how many people are going to attend. It helps them manage the space and food accordingly. Digital cards make RSVP more simplified. The invitees can simply reply back on the invitation by filling in the RSVP form and sending it to the event host.

These are the many reasons why digital cards are getting more and more popular these days. They clearly offer many advantages with little or no disadvantage comparatively. Digitalization can be the future of invitations that can have a huge impact on the world.