Weddings are an expensive affair. People go extravagant at weddings even if they have forever been known for being stingy. They spend a small fortune on it that had been saving since forever. But, not everyone can spend so extravagantly and they do have a fixed budget for the events. If cost is saved in a few things, that can be used for other important things. Here are a few ways to cut cost during wedding preparations –

  1. Do not invite the entire galaxy – Wedding may be a grand event for you, but to manage your budget, it is important that you invite people who mean to you and to whom you mean something. It is your big happy day, it is better to be surrounded by less but caring people than with too many people out of which not many care about anything other than food. Cutting out on the invitee list can help save a huge amount of money.
  2. Use Digital Invitations – Go digital on your wedding! Turn away from the traditional physical invitation and switch to digital ones. Digital invitations save the cost of printing and posting invitations, which is quite a lot of money. Also, the invitations you had planned to deliver personally would have consumed a lot of fuel. Going digital also saves fuel and thus, going digital with invitations can save you a lot that can be spent on food, decorations or some other important thing.
  3. Do Market Research – Only once you have done market research before booking the venue, caterers or buying clothes, you would know that if you had skipped this step, you could end up spending almost double of the required. Market research helps you get knowledge about the prices of different things needed during a wedding and will help you choose the best and the most economical option.
  4. Combine Functions – Combining functions is a great idea if you are planning a budget wedding. Not everyone loves a million functions and prefer one big function rather than many small ones. It will also save your guest’s time because they would not have to travel again and again.
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