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What are E-invites?
E-invites or E-invites is short for Electronic Invites or Digital Invites that are invitation sent digitally rather than the conventional physical invites. E-invites can be sent for any occasion – weddings, wedding related functions, birthdays, baby shower or any other event. These can be sent to many in just one click and is way quicker than the traditional methods of sending invitations.

Why are E-invites so much in trend these days?
E-invite is the current trend when it comes to invitations. These days most big events organised by popular people are in news because they support one or the other cause and spread awareness about the same. Saving the planet is crucial to all of us and going paperless does justice to the cause. This kind of paperless weddings are completely in vogue.
Not only that, e-invites save a lot of time and energy. We do not live the kind of life people lived about 200 years ago. So, it is not great to argue that this old tradition needs amendment. No one, these days, has the time to give away each invitation personally. It is also great to send the invitation only and not waste fuel and energy in doing that. Since this generation is becoming more eco-friendly, many prefer to not add to the pollution and opt for the method that saves most of the energy, fuel, and avoids pollution.

Are E-invites a potential replacement for Physical Invites?
E-invites are getting more and more preffered and is replacing the physical invites to a great extent. But, there are people who are not very tech-savvy like the older generation, and it would be difficult for them to navigate through the invitation. They might not even have an e-mail ID of their own. In such cases, physical invitations are needed and are not completely dead. Sending paper invites to some less tech-savvy people and digital ones to more tech-savvy people is a great and efficient idea that will also save a lot of cost.