Customized Designs

Everything in your invitation is absolutely customizable!

Theme Template: How your invitations are shown to your guests we have also given you an option for this, one feature is Single page- The invitations that you are sending, how many events are there in this invitation, or how many features will be displayed on the single page one by one. And the second feature is multi-page, the first home page opens when invitations are opened and there are some buttons for the other features, Invite, comments and Gallery that show the invitations on different pages.

Header & Footer Logo: According to your invitation by default, the images of the header and footer comes from our stock images, if you do not like, you can change any or all of them you can either upload your own image or else by choosing from our stock images and click the save button for changing.

Color Scheme: In order to change the color scheme, first you have to click on the color circle and then click on any desired color from our stock and click on color scheme for your invitation. Changing the color scheme changes the style article of your invitation. You can choose whatever good choices you have.

Headings & Text: All the articles you see here on the page can be changed according to your wish. All you have to do is keep in mind that how much articles can come in the place you are making changes for which a quantity is given on your screen, when you start typing. After correcting you have to click the save button, otherwise the amendment you made will not be acceptable. You can also change here according to any of your languages. Do not forget to click the preview button for preview.

Slider Images: You can add maximum of 6 images for the slider, if you feel the slider images is less visible by default, you can either upload your photo or take it from our archive images. Just have to click on it. One thing if your 6 slider images has been taken and you do not like any of these, then you can delete the unwanted picture and clicking on the desired picture, it connects with your invitation. You can also arrange these images in a sequential way, and along with this you can also change these slider pictures to each other. Do not forget to click the Preview button to preview what your invitation will look like.

Greeting Message: When you send your invitation to your guest in an invitation message, you can change the message you like when you do not like our default message and make it according to your own and can change one or more or all of the groups according to you. And send them with invitations.

Event Images: Here’s a image of all those programs that you see here with the name of the program, you have to change any of them, then clicking the circle of that program, you can either upload your own picture or save from our stock images.

E-Card: For E-card, you have to give us a complete copy of your printed card, both back and front side. For this, you can provide us your card in RGB color and JPG / PNG / PDF format, which we combine with your digital invitation, making them uniform and beautiful. And your guests takes the experience of this digital invitation just like the printed card. You can also look at each and every page of it one by one. When you look at turning a page on mobile, this experience is like a printed card. It is also cheaper than printed card. Video Invite: We do not create any video but you can upload your video by youtube and copy paste the URL here as shown in the sample on this page. And you can decide which group of your video to appear in the invitation and not to whom. To show all groups, you can add all the groups together or else add them to one by one group. When you do this, then you have to click the Save and Preview button again, and your video gets attached to your invitation.

यहाँ आप अपने निमंत्रण को भेजने से पूर्व उसका प्रारूप देख सकते है, यदि आप किसी भी तरह से संतुष्ट नहीं है तो अपने अनुसार परिवर्तन कर सकते है, यहाँ हर प्रकार परिवर्तन संभव है जैसे|

थीम टेम्पलेट: आपके निमंत्रण आपके अतिथिओं को कैसा दिखे हमने इसके लिए भी आपको विकल्प दिया है, एक, यह कि जो आप निमंत्रण भेज रहें हैं, इस निमंत्रण में कितने ही इवेंट हों, या फिर कितने ही फीचर हों सब एक के बाद एक ही पृष्ठ पर दिखाई देंगें | और दूसरा फीचर है बहु-पृष्ठ, जैसे निमंत्रण खुलते ही पहले होम पेज खुलता है और इसमें बाकि फीचर्स इन्वाइट, कमैंट्स और गैलरी के लिए अन्य बटन दिए होते है जोकि अलग-अलग पृष्ठ पर निमंत्रण को दर्शाते है |