• addI do not have knowledge of designing, How can I design card on your website?
    At KlickInvite, cutomers can choose from the given design templates or upload a scanned copy of any physical invitation card. But, if someone wants a custom-made card, we have designers to fashion invitations according to the customer’s requirements and specifications. Custom-made cards is a paid service provided by KlickInvite.
  • addCan I get the cards printed which I design on your website?
    Yes, it is possible to get the printed/physical version of the digital invitation cards designed on our website (custom-made by our designers) and also that was created with the chosen design template..
  • addIs my card available for lifetime on your website
    No, not for a lifetime. An invitation card is available for 15 days, after the date of the event. From then on, for the card to be available, payment has to be done annually.What are the additional features apart from designing card?.
  • addWhat are the additional features apart from designing card?
    KlickInvite understands what invitations mean to you and thus, enables addition of music, voice messages, videos and photos. It is possible for invitees to set a reminder or a countdown till the date of the event. RSVP feature is also available to help the host manage space and food. Also, to send invitations easily, the guest list can be saved for future use. The guests can also be grouped for easy addition to the invitee list.