Our Amazing Features

Don’t let your invite get lost in the mail! A KlickInvite invitation can be added to your recipients Google Calendar with just one click.

Your guest simply has to click on Map Directions and Google Maps will provide the shortest route to your destination. Now your guests will never be late looking for the way!

Everything in your invitation is absolutely customizable!

Click on the ‘Wishes’ tab and post your wishes or blessings. Be it a birthday or an anniversary, be the first to wish even before the party starts!

Waiting and wondering is so not cool. Klick Invite gives your guests an RSVP option so you know who is coming and who isn’t. All your guests need to do is select between ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Maybe’ and they’re done.

Whether it’s ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Hey Brother’, you can choose between different greetings for your invite. Just divide your guests into groups like Friends, Family or Colleagues and give each group their own greeting!

Who says digital can’t mean traditional? Check out 100% traditionally designed E-cards that will delight your guests and save loads of cash for you! 

A traditional wedding has a number of events like Haldi, Mehendi, cocktail, engagement, and wedding. While you’d like your friends to attend the cocktail and the wedding, you might not want them at the haldi and mehendi. Likewise, you might want only friends and colleagues at the cocktail.

To help you invite different sets of people to different events, Klick Invite allows you to group contacts into Friends, Colleagues, Family and more.

Send invites in your local language for that personal touch. All you need to do is copy and paste text into any language to your invite and you’re done!