How to make your Digital Wedding Invitation more interesting

Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing. The bride and the groom want everything just perfect on their wedding, and so do their families. When it comes to invitations, they too cannot be short of perfection. The world is going digital with invitations these days because of the great deal of benefits it offers, apart from the obvious cost saving. These cards are more environmental friendly too. But, how do we make these digital cards more interesting and enticing?

Digital cards sound less creative to stationary nerds, but this is just a myth. Digital cards can be tailor made by designers and it takes less time in designing them than it takes in designing a physical one. All it takes is sitting with a designer or maybe speaking on call with one and explaining the theme of the wedding along with your take on the design of the card. To get a creative card designed, it is important to give inputs and specifications to get the desired results. Be precise in mentioning what you want and what you don’t want.

There is a huge number of features that one can add to a digital card to make it personalised like adding photos, videos and music/songs. This comes as a surprise to the invitees who feel great at the effort put in to make the card. Then, it does not feel like just an invitation but a heartfelt message. It is easier for them to remember the event if the invitation is something to remember about.

There is no end to creative ideas. Some of the most creative cards were 3D cards that required the invitee to wear 3D glasses to read the invitation in 3D. Some cards depicted the story of the couple that had to go through difficulties to get together. Such cards are loved by the invitees and build their interest in the wedding since a card is the first news of the upcoming wedding. When trying to do something creative, one must not shy away from taking risks. It is okay to go crazy and record a song to be attached to your card.

Thus, digital invitations offer a lot of scope for creativity and fun. If one plans on it well, their digital invitation can turn out to be one of the most interesting card one has ever received. It is important to think out-of-the-box to create out-of-the-box.