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Create instant Guest List & Send Personalized Function-wise invites with a click.

Create instant Guest List & Send Personalized Function-wise invites with a click.

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Invite Digitally

Invite Digitally from the comfort and safety of your home.

Klickinvite is a Covid-19 safe way to create and send invitation card.

Celebrate Virtually

Your guests can now attend your events online and interact entirely digitally.

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Easy to Use

It's easy-to-use and will save you time, money and trees.

With just a simple click you can save your precious time, money and environment.

Personalize for every guest.

You can make any type of invitation and make your invitation unique for every guest by his name. Along with this you can do any other kind of change.

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Manage your invite

KlickInvite makes sending invitations easy and economical by all types of devices and screens. Take your invite planning anywhere with our mobile adaptive website.

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Make You degital Invitation more interesting

How to make your Digital Wedding Invitation more interesting

Wedding is a once in a lifetime thing. The bride and the groom want everything just perfect on their wedding, and so do their families. When it comes to invitations, they too cannot be short of perfection.



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