Why should I invite with KlickInvite

(Some of our features)

Save the Date

Your guest can save the event details to their phone/desktop calender with a simple click and get notified before the event.

Venue Map Integration

The venue address embedded in invite helps your guest reach the location easily and quickly using Google Maps®

Live Comments/Blessings

Your guests can share their comments and give blessings that can be viewed live amongst the invited guests.


Your guests can easily revert their acceptance to your invitation right from within the e-invitation.

Personalized Invites

Send secure and personalized invitation to the guests with their names.

Customized Designs

DIY invitation website. Use your own ideas and play with logo, text, colors, and more.


Digital invitation with advanced and nature-friendly features with no compromise
on tradition, aesthetics and courtesy.

Multiple Events

Enjoy the liberty to manage multiple events in an invite and choose to invite guests and add features accordingly.

Photo Gallery

You and your guests can upload an array of exciting photos before, during and after your event to add to the excitement.

Klick Invite can extend or even replace your traditional paper invite

What users are saying about us

More than 10K happy users
PK Maheshwari

PK Maheshwari

HOD (Audit) in a reputed corporate

"I used KlickInvite - the latest way of inviting guests for the marriage ceremony of my daughter. All my family, friends and colleagues were really impressed by the unique features of the invite. Even though it was not possible to visit every guest, my own voice within the invitation made sure my guests felt humbled and most attended the event. I highly recommend KlickInvite!"

Sanjeev Garg

Sanjeev Garg

Financial Services Business Owner

"With the changing times, for my son's wedding I wanted to send the invitations in an eco-friendly manner by avoiding printing and postage of cards. I am glad I came across KlickInvite which suited my requirement perfectly. In a very short time and easy way, all my invitations were sent. Using the map feature within the invite, my guests were able to locate the venue easily. Kudos to the team!"

Nitesh Jain

Nitesh Jain

Reputed Businessman from New Delhi

"When my sister's wedding was decided, it was very clear that we will be sending invitations digitally. In today's world, sending printed invitations is not only a burden on one's pocket but also the country's economy. KlickInvite helped us achieve this by allowing us to send the invitations to our guests in an easy, fast and economical manner. We thank them for this wonderful service!"

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